Fresh Branding

31st January 2015


How to Choose the Perfect Website Design

How many times have you visited an online shop only to discover that an ugly design or an unresponsive layout makes it very hard to do your shopping? Whether you are planning on choosing a unique design for your personal website or are looking for an intuitive and effective website design to help expand your business and attract new clients, here we will give you some tips on how to make your website or weblog look even better.

Improving the Way Your Website Looks

Although delivering fresh content is extremely important if you would like to promote your website, looks can sometimes be very deceiving, and that is why you should always pay close attention to the visual impression a website makes on a visitor. This may have a very important effect on potential customers, allowing you to lose old and new clients if they feel that the website design does not live up to their standards and expectations. Additionally, it is also fundamental to make sure that visitors are able to find their way around the site, allowing them to easily find what they are looking for.

Some Advantages of a Responsive Website Design

While most people still use traditional desktop computers to browse the Internet, the fact is that each day more and more users are starting to use their smartphones and other mobile devices to visit their favourite websites. If you would like to allow mobile users to gain access to your blog or personal website, make sure to use a responsive design for your site. Among its many advantages, a responsive design makes it much easier to adapt your design to any kind of device, changing the layout and the way the images are loaded in order to facilitate that your website will be correctly displayed in mobile phones and tablets.